Monday, October 27, 2008

Being Home

Well greetings to everyone....this is Josh and I will make some posts now and then on here. What an awesome time I have been able to have with the family upon returning home. It is amazing to spend time with the loves of my life. I am such a blessed husband and father! I have a wife who is willing to put up with me and my work! I have children that are just bundles of joy, 99.8% of the time....

It was quite a long summer, longer for Kelli than me, but it is good to have it all out of the way. Now I can move forward and finish some college and pursue whatever crazy job that pops up in my sights. It was kinda interesting that on Sunday we talked about Joseph Smith and his letters to his family while he was traveling and being persecuted. It was interesting to hear alot of the comments from those in the class and then to have my own thoughts running around in my head. I, as Joseph Smith, missed my family so much while I was away. Unlike him I was not being persecuted or hurt but had it pretty easy. No waiting for letters, just a phone call or a click of the mouse away. It is amazing that when you talk to the family it takes all your worries away...when you know that all is okay the day just seems to go better.

My family is my life and I would and will do anything for them. I cannot express how much they mean to me in words, it is literally impossible. I am so grateful to know that I will be able to spend eternity with them! For those of you who have children, remember how precious they are and love them always, even if they pee on the carpet or write on the wall! They are a gift from God!

It is just awesome to be home!

"People need spiritual anchors in their lives if they are to remain steadfast and not drift into the sea of temptation and sin."
—Elder M. Russell Ballard

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Cousin Party with a little Trunk or Treat!

So we took the kids to a workshop at Lowe's. They had such a great time. It was the beginning of a very long day.

So I had to add this pic of the kids out front.We found this skelaton on clearence today and Josh set it up for the party. We found Ben out front laying next to it talking to it. It was way too cute. We will add it to his collection of HaHa's (AKA skelatons)

The kids helped me make the sugar cookies for the cousin party. Ben of course made a skelaton but i forgot to take a picture of it. After making cookies Josh wrestled with the kids. I could'nt help but laugh at Katie's wrestling face.

What a cute little Carebear!

Well we have a Sunday tradition of making pizza's so we decided to have them for our party....our kitchen was a little small but we all had fun!

So I didn't realize that we had Star Wars theame going on until after i bought Katie's costume. I should have had her be Princess Laiya.

After we made Pizza's we decorated our cookies. I think all the kids dumped all the sprinkles on one cookie!

Then we headed to Grandma Montgomery's Trick Or Trunk....the kids had way to much fun and too much sugar!!!!!!!!!! Ben kept eyeballing the Yodas I think he wants a fight!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Utah trip

Well Josh was gone for four long months so we decided to do something fun and get out of town so we went to Utah to visit some friends. We Went to a fun Pumkin Corn Maze. The kids had a blast going down the slide! We also had a chance to go down to temple square and walk around. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We were able to get a few cute pic of the family! On the way home we stoped at Malad Gorge and i stepped in a huge Red Ant hill and got bitten....Man that stings never wanna do that again. Ben was sad to come home he loves visiting people he wanted to know when we will go back and we wern't even home yet. Hes so cute he calls our neigborhood his town. So we have been trying to explain that its not the town its his neighborhood. So he thinks his friends down the road live in a different town. Its funny hard to explain in words.

Our family

So I won't be able to catch up my life in theis blog but here is a short overview of the recent months. Josh was gone for four months so i tried to keep saine running the kids around to parks and swiming. Ben is in preschool now which he loves so much. Hes such a social child. Katie is in a playgroup on wed. she is sooo excited to get to do something like her brother. So on Wed. Josh and i get 1 1/2 hrs to ourselves! I am working 2 1/2 days a week so that makes things somewhat crazy. Josh has started school again online, his work is pretty flexable so hes able to work on his homework while working which is nice for both of us!
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Well here it is!!!!!!

I finally have one more thing to keep up on. I already a have a myspace and facebook account but hopefully this will keep better track of what we are doing and Josh and I have such bad memory that it will be good to have page to look back on.