Sunday, March 29, 2009

March happening's!

Well Ben had his first soccer game last saturday. He had a great time. I think it was alittle overwhelming for him. This is his first year and the other kids have had another year before him. HE would run and kick it and then stop like he had done his job and was not sure what to do after that. It was quite funny to watch. We even scored a goal for the other team. The other team was really organized. I hope next time goes a little better. But i guess not since they only have one practice until the next game. I do have one cute story to add. Last practice we were driving to the field and i stopped at a house to get a flyer in the neighborhood it was in. I got back in the car and Ben asks me " Mom do you want a new house?" I say "Yes i would love a bigger house but i am just looking for fun honey". Then Ben turn's to Katie and say's " Hey Katie, wanna dump out our piggy banks and put out money together and buy mom a new house?" Katie yells " NO!"......oh my little Ben he can be so cute sometimes. It really touched my heart that he would be so kind. He has been working really hard to save his money for a new star wars legos. So for him to offer his money to me was a big deal!

So i took this picture because it was so funny. We had parked our car in the parking lot when it was packed. And by the time we walked to the car the lot was empty. So all these cars were driving around our HOnda to get out. People were probably wondering who these idiots who parked in the middle of the road! I told Josh to run over and move the car and bring it to us so we would'nt look like dorks trying to pile the kids into the car!

Cute Katie!

JOsh was watching Timmy for me and Cara while we went shopping. And i found this cute picture on my camera. Now i know why there were cracker all over Ben's bed!
We were all hanging out in the living room and josh says " Hey Katie let's show mommy what we did" So he pulls Katie's pants up above her waist. And then he decided to pull it up farther. It looked like she was a chicken. We were all rolling with laughter.

Saturday we got the kids flowers for their pot's. They have been concerned since last summer when we killed there other flowers. So I hopw we do a better job watering them this year!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picture update and random stuff.

Here is my new console table. So whoever lives near me stop by and let me know what you think! It's a little wider than i wanted but i love the color. But when i put my picutes on it I am sure i will use the space.
Here is my first batch of freezer mixes. I think i have 16 meals or so. I got a book from my mom from the 70's> It called make-a-mix. You pull them out of the freezer and make easy meals with them. Now i need a bigger freezer. Next i want to try full meals and freeze them.I think it will save time and money in the long run.

Ben has started soccer he is having alot of fun. He's only has two practices so far and saturday they are having their first game. It should be really entertaining to say the least.

So Josh got home from Drill last weekend and Ben wanted to play ball. So Josh was using Katie as the "Bat"! KAtie thought it was pretty fun so i got some action shots.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay well I thought i would write what's going on in our lives. But i was going through old pictures and i had to laugh about this one. I forgot about it and i love this so much. This was when i was in the hospital after i had Katie. Josh had brought Ben to visit Kaite. So we were trying to keep him entertained. So he was playing on the phone and he found this bag and put it on his head. I am not sure what it is for but it is freakin hilarious!. It looks kinda bad!
Anyways lets see, Josh is still taking online classes right now. But we all got sick and he got behind so he has been staying up late trying to play catch up. I am busy trying to read the twilight series, starting to clip coupons and master the art of it, and trying to come up with recipes to make and freeze. So that i can make life a little easier for myself but so far way to much work on all of it to get prepared!
Ben is getting ready to register for kindergarten this week! Wow, I can not believe that it's already here. I can't lie I am excited but nervous for him. HE is loving preschool but is ready for big boy school as he puts it. He is also going to start soccer this week. Which will be really fun for all of us. I truly am excited about this!Katie just turned three i was a little sad and hard for me to think my baby is that old it almost brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. She is also in a playgroup on wed. mornings which is good for her. I really need to get her into ballet class.
So all in all we are doing good. Josh is hoping that this is the year he get's the job he's been waiting for. And I think we both wil be truly happy if he does. I think he's getting tired of sitting behind a desk...even though it is a nice job to go to school!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Katie Birthday

Katie was so Happy that everyone was coming over to her party!
She was making the funniest face when we went over to have cake and sing. Like she could'nt hold in all the excitment.

She loves her new piggy bank. Ben and Katie have been saving pennies for a long time. We had some free piggy banks that broke long ago so the change has been sitting in ziplock bags waiting for them to get new ones.


So we told the kids we had a surprize after the party. I had a gift card left over from Christmas to the mall and the kids have always wanted to go to Build A Bear. They were so mad when we pulled into the mall parking lot. Ben was sure that their was nothing close to a surprise in the mall. It was too funny.
Katie chose a bear at first,then a monkey, then a dog. But we convinced her that the dog was not good enough for her.(because it was so expensive) It is so cute everytime she gets sad she cries for "poody". That is Ben's monkey and he usually lets her have it. It really touches me since its his favorite thing to comfort him. So i thought it would be a good idea that she have her own now.

Wow we will never go to that place again it was so expensive i never imagined that it was so much but the kids had a blast thank goodmess i had a gift card. Ben was so funny later he told Katie that it was scary that her monkey had really long arms and had velcrow(sp). So i jumped in and said"No Ben, it's easier for the monkey too hold her". So then he looked at Katie and said" He had long arms so he can fold his arms and pray" Way to cute. I can't believe that another year has passed it really makes me sad. I always thought when i heard people say it that it was overreacting but now i am saying it. Anyways i am so glad and thanksful that i have two beautiful healthy kids.