Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Today Josh is one more year closer to "Thirty".....oops did i say that! Josh is such a great dad. The kids love you so much and love all the attention and love that you give them. I love watching you help them learn and play with them.

So we had a fun time Saterday night. We went out to dinner with some friends to a Thai restraunt. Then we headed to go cosmic bowling but when we got their the wait was over and hour long. And we don't have that much time when we are paying a babysitter. So we ended up going black light miniture golfing. They also had these 3D glasses you can wear that makes it even harder. Good thing we dont drink or we would of had way too much fun! So I hope you had fun honey!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well last weekend we had an exciting weekend. Sunday night Josh and Katie were "rough housing". Katie was grabbing onto Josh's leg and he asked her to let go and he pulled his leg away and her chin came down and hit his leg. I heard the crack of her jaw coming down from the kitchen and i ran into the family room. Katie was in hysterical tears. I looked in her mouth really quickly and did not see any chip just a little blood. So i comforted her until she stopped crying and told her she would be fine. So l put the kids to bed. The next morning Josh was at physical therapy Katie came up to me and said her mouth hurt. So I sat down with and looked a little closer. I almost screamed when i opened her mouth. Her tooth was fractured right down the middle into the nerve. When i had first looked in her mouth i was just looking for a chip on her front tooth. I felt so bad. So i hurried and called Josh and left a message on his phone. Next I called my office to get Katie in. Then Josh called back and I told him what happened. He raced home on the snowy roads. He was so worried that Katie was going to look really bad without her tooth. He also thought it was her front tooth, it was cute.

So later we took her to my office. She has never had a Dental appoint. before. She sat on the chair like she had done this before. She even let us take an x-ray on her. Which is usually hard on a 2 year old. My Dr. Looked at her and told me it definatly needs to come out. And that he would not take it out. He did'nt want to tramatize my child. I begged him to do it at our office so i would'nt have to pay a Pedodontist to extract the tooth. She never has cried at her regular Dr. office when she get s her regular shots. But was still being a chicken. So I made another appointment a few days later at the pedodontist.

So I went by myself with Ben, Katie and my little sister 2 week old baby. They had told me that they were just going to look at the tooth today and reschedule the extraction for another day. So I thought it would'nt be a big deal with all those kids my myself. But as soon as the dentist looked at her tooth. He looked at me and said " That needs to come out right now! The nerve is totally exposed." Which I already kinda new. So we went ahead and did it. Kaite did not cry all through the shots. But when the Dr. started to extract the tooth she started whining a little and she slowly progressed into a full on scream. At this point I am sitting in the corner holding my nephew wondering if i should leave the room. The assistant left the room and I asked the Dr. If he would like me to leave. HE said "No" I did'nt want to be on of those annoying moms that hover and say it's okay. So he got some clamps put to hold her mouth open so she could'nt clamp her mouth shut. I was sweating so much by this time due to it being a 110 degree's in the room. I told the Dr. to just get it out. So finally it came out. It had a very long root and the nerve was hanging out of the tooth. Poor katie would not calm down. The assistant had to hekp me out to the waiting room with the baby while Katie screamed all the way out. She would'nt even pick out a toy. So i was embaressed because everyone was staring at me in the waiting room. I was trying to pay and Katie would keep screaming. " MY TOOTH, MY TOOTH!"
I finally got her to the car by this point she was screaming to put the tooth back in her mouth. It so broke my heart that I had to put her through this. But i finally got her to listen to me. I explained that we could put the tooth under her pillow so the tooth fairy could bring her a princess toy. And of course anything with the word princess in it helps. Sorry this is so long but all is well she got a new snow white movie and all is better around our house. But I am glad that we got out family picture's done already!

Monday, January 5, 2009

"H" Bowl and cascade trip.

we were invited to our friends cabin last weekend for new years eve in cascade. Josh and Jake took the kids out several times to slede. We got a ton of snow that night so it was beautiful! The kids were pooped out but wouldn't go to bed. So we all ended going to Bed before it was midnight. Jasmine was having a hard time she burnt her finger on the stove. But we did get to play a little Wii!

So our friends invited us to the Humanitrian bowl last week. Josh really wanted to go so it worked out great. I got off work a little late so I had to meet them there. It wasn't to cold but as the game progressed it got colder....burrr. But of course I had to get a funnel cake. But it was not that good.


Well We had a great Christmas. It snowed alot on Christmas break the kid's had a blast! It was beautiful Christmas morning with the huge snow fakes. So Christmas Eve Josh had to work. But before he went to work we went and saw the Movie Bolt. The kids were so excited to go. Ben keeps asking when are we going to the big theater. Then we ran home and let the kids open a gift from their aunt and uncle. And i can't leave out that Before the movie started Ben was complaining that he couldn't hear the movie. So we called the Dr. and they didn't have any openings. So I took them down to the walk in health clinic. So we were their for 2 1/2 hrs. So that's how the kids and I spent most our Christmas eve and getting medicine at the drug store. I was so worn out buy the time we were done. Poor Ben had an ear infection. So then we went to Grandma Montgomery's and had pork tacos and yummy snacks. The kids watched a movie and I hung out. Then I took the kids home to get to bed early and i could relax until santa got home from work!Christmas morning was a marathon like last year. Josh had to be at work at 2:30. So we opened presents at our house. Went to my parents and had breakfast and opened presents and the ran off to josh's parents all be fore 2:00pm. The kids are crazy by now and all they wanted to do is stay home and play. I hope next year Josh won't have to work and we can stay home and relax!

My mom made the kids towls like a dog and lion they are so cute! Ben also got his own shaving kit. He was upset at first because it wasn't a toy but now loves it!

Christmas morning is always fun to see the kids reaction. Ben woke up first and we had him go wake up katie, we have it on video it's cute. Katie wasn't shy and all she ran down and tore into her santa present before Josh and i had a chance to sit down. We had to tell Ben to get going to catch up with katie!We got the family a Wii and we are having so much fun playin with it. Ben got lego star wars and he gets so into it. I can hear him downstairs saying "hi ya" and running around. It is very interactive. Josh and I have alot of fun after the kids go to bed!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random catch up picture's

So I am way behind so i decided to just post alot of random picture's of what we have been up too!
Joshpacked the snow into the stairs on our retaining wall so we could have our own snow hill. It has become a tradition now!

We let the kids decorate their rooms. Josh hung up the lights around the window. And Ben found this strand that we were going to throw away because it has a few missing lights. I came upstairs and he was trying to decorate his room. So Josh helped him place then on the end of his bed. They used them as night lights! But it felt like daylight when they were all on.

Josh and I were on a date a few weeks ago and we came home and the babysitter had done Katie's hair. They had been watching The Grinch who stole Christmas and Katie wanted her hair like the girl in the movie. I forgot her name but it was to funny!
Josh's Christmas party at the YMCA. The kids had fun eating especially Katie. She was hyped on pop and candy. At least this year she liked santa.

We surprized the kids and took them to Seseame Street Live. They had alot of fun. Katie I think had the most fun out of everyone. And we also went to the tree lighting downtown. We got there way too early. We had fun eating donuts and hot chocolate. All that wait for a lighting of a tree was exhausting but it was a fun memory.