Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie "3"

So here is Katie on her "1st" Birthday. She had two party's. One in oregon before we left and another when we got into Boise. She has changed so much in the last 2 yrs it almost brings tears to my eye's thinking about it. she is such a big girl now with her little girl attitude and girly qualities. I don't know were those came from. We had a great and full of fun day i will post pictures soon! Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! We love you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleding at Bogus

So we were invited to go with a big group of people to go sleding at Bogus. We did not tell the kids what we were doing until that morning. Ben was so excited we have been wanting to go up for a while. We did go up to simplot a few weeks ago with some friends that were in town but it did'nt have much snow.As you can see the mountain did'nt have much snow either. Pretty sad the parking lot did'nt even have snow on it. Which is unusal according to Josh.

We rode up in Josh's dad truck, he let us use it while he is in Mexico and Josh's was in the shop. The kids love to sit in the back in the bucket seats. Ben kept talking about how he was so excited to go up to the "Big Mountain". Josh and Ben were going to have ski lessons this year but we ended up not doing it since the snow has been so bad. So he was so happy that we were finally going up to the mountain.

This was my jacket when i was skinny, pre children. I could not zip it up all the way how depressing!

This is the tow rope that took us up the moutain.

One of Josh's head shots!

We look so dorky in the goggles.

We had a great time. I was so proud of Katie she stuck with it the whole two hours and had a blast. At the end she got knocked into pretty hard and was ready to go. It was a beautiful day the sun was out and we actually kinda got hot. I had a bad sinus cold so going up the mountain did'nt make it feel any better. Poor Ben has two ear infextions but he did great!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So about a week ago Katie was really sick and she was on antibiotics and she woke up one morning and she had hives all over. So I assumed that she was allergic to the medicine. But a few days later Ben started getting them too and then me. So I finally figured out that we are allergic to our laundry detergent. And i had to rewash a ton of laundry, not fun! So that is why we have spots on our face if anyone notices!
The kids were so excited for Valentines Day. Ben had a party at school that week so I helped him write out all the names. Then we delivered a few to cousins and friends. We got the kids a small present and candy. Katie got a little barbie that changes clothes. She's really into playing with dolls lately. Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery also got her polly pockets.
Ben is way into legos these day. Not my favorite toy. And of course he wants the Star Wars ones that are way over priced. Luckly i found these $10 ones so if they get lost i don't care. Anyways we had a low key day the kids just wanted to stay home and play with the new toys. I really wanted to take them to the movies but it was nice staying home since that week had been crazy!
So Josh had a big date planned for us and our friends the Hall's. He told me that he was taking me to this barbeque place that he's always wanted to try. I was a little disapointed but i new he really wanted to go. So we start driving there and he's driving the wrong way and he tells us that the freeway is backed up. Then he pulls in to Tucano's Brazillion Grill. I had been wanting to try it. It was packed but Josh had made reservations. Good thing since it was a 4 hour wait. It was pretty good i ate too much and i even tried the Chicken was gross!
Wating for our table at Tucanos. Then we headed to the steelheads game. I had been wanting to go for a long time. We did'nt tell Ben because he really wants to go. We had alot of fun. Thanks Josh.

So I must explain the picture. WE went to the Humanitarian Bowl with the Hall's a few months ago and we dared Julie to grab the macot bottem. So we have a picture of her pretending to grab it and the boys posing with it too. So when we saw the Steelheads mascot we thought we should relive the football game. haha
We had a great night we went for ice cream later after the food had settled. Josh went in the gas station after the game and the clerk asked him how VD was. He was like what is VD? It took him a while but then he figured ot out that he ment Valentines day weird huh. Oh and poor Josh was sicker than a dog hacking and coughing up a lung and later we all got sick too,,,,,,thanks Josh!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

McCall Festival

So we went to McCall this weekend for the Ice festival. It was a long walk to the fun for the kids.
This slide reminded me of the Christmas story. Kids screaming all the way down. So i video taped the kids coming down but I don't know how to post video yet. But poor Ben got up to go on the other side of the sculpture and landed on his head and bruised his face. As I sat there waiting alot of people had accidents hopefully no one splits their head open!
So Cara convinced me to go down I was not really wanting to get all cold but i went anyways. My boots were so heavy I had a hard time holding up my feet. So when i got down to the bottom i looked like the abominal snow man. I was soaking wet and my hair was drenched...burr!
Ben loves to sled he had a blast going down!

Poor Katie had a hard day. She was cold the whole time. I thought she was just whining and being a girl. But when i got her back to the car, her feet were frozen and i forgot to put her layers under her coat. Her nice winter coat was in the wash so she had to wear this coat. I felt so bad!

McCall Lake
Ben and Katie crack me up. Whenever Katie is crying Ben always trys to comfort her. It is so cute. If she's in trouble and I am mad at her in the car she usually is crying and Ben reaches out to hold her hand and she calm's down. Don't get me wrong they do duke it out a lot but we do have a lot of sweet moments in our house. And no I am not picking my nose!

We got there just in time to catch some of the parade. The kids got a lot of candy and necklaces.

~ Princess Katie~

So in all we had a fun trip we wish we had had more time but we had to get back to Josh's mom's for dinner.Maybe next year we will stay overnight. And we need a map of the sculptures. we did'nt find a lot of them. But we spent a lot of time waiting in line for food! I had a huge Turkey leg and my favorite Elephant ear! We were all exhausted when we got home...very long day.