Monday, September 7, 2009

First week of school!

So here we are the first week of school is done. Ben is loving being in school. We took him to school the first day and then then next day I sent him off on the school bus. He was very upset that first day that I didn't let him ride the bus. I have to admit that is the hardest part for me. I just have this phobia that nobody is watching him and he wanders off and get's lost. But so far so good, he is still here. And its nice the bus stop is right in front of the house! The only problem that we had this week. I got a phone call at work Friday from the school nurse. She told me that Ben had thrown up on the way to the library. So I had to pick him up early. So I asked one of his classmates on Sunday if they were enjoying school. She told me "yes, except when Ben puked in the hallway, that was gross" haha too funny. That was Matti Sharo. Oh and he has five other kids in his class that he goes to church with and live in the neighborhood.

Grandma Tyler came over to take picture's of Ben on his first day.
Saying goodbye to sis.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Western Idaho Fair 09"

Well we went to the fair 2 times. Josh's dad came and wanted to go with us. I forgot the camera second time. That time the kids went on rides and Ben was in a tractor pulling contest it was so cute!

Timmy and Katie getting giggy....Timmy has the funniest booty shake dance!

Grandpa Allmaras brought his motorcycle over and the kids went for a ride.