Monday, June 29, 2009

Doubler Run

Milk $1.67
use $0.75 off milk coupon from my bar
Doubler coupon= $0.17 gallon Milk

Pillsbury Fudge Brownies $1
used $0.35 coupon from long ago
doubler = $0.30
Snyders Pretzels $1.99
$1/1 Coupon that was taped to it.
Doubler = Free
French bread = Free
( sometimes at the bottem of your receipt you get a free loaf of bread if you fill out the survey)
Oops I was putting this on my coupon blog and by mistake I put it on here. But I will Just leave it it's my extra hobby I do with my time!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catch up!

Josh took the kids to a tour of the BSU Field with his friend. The kids had a blast running around the staduim.

Maybe they will take after Josh and be in Cross Country.

Get Set-GO!

We also had a 2 week swiming lesson's already. I forgot to get good pics but maybe they are in another file I can't find them. Here they are in their free time. Ben was pretty daring at first and then he regressed. I thought it was supose to be the other way around. Katie had a hard time she saw the other kids getting dunked under water and would cry at the beginning then she would relax and have fun.

Here we are at the Eagle Fun Day's Parade. It was a cold day and it was raining off and on.

THis guy was and advertsiment for a corn maze and he had a chain saw. Ben was freaked out. He would'nt sleep for like a week after this.

At the end of the parade they have a huge water fight. It was not very warm so we too shelter. Next year we will have to bring water guns if it's warmer. Alot of people were soaked!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ben's 5th B-Day

So this has been sitting in my edit file for awhile and I for got to post Ben's B-day. Here is Ben's cake that Josh insisted making for him. Its a lego cake if you are wondering.

Some of Ben's Friends having lunch.

Our house is so small so it was hard getting everyone in there to open presents. I really wanted to invite more people but I am glad I didn't.

So My sister Brooke "Hooked us up" with this awesome slide for FREE! The kids had a blast. I was just going to have a slip-n-slide.

We had an after party with some friends since we kept it over night sooo fun. Josh and Justin were like two little school boys!

All my towls were dirty it's all I had.

To top off the night we roasted marshmellows and hung by the fire. It was a long fun day. WE were glad it was so nice that day!

Here is Josh putting together Ben's lego Star War's ship's. We deceided that we needed to super glue them so that we wouldn't have to put it back together every 5 min. Man it took Josh a long time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We headed up to Cascade for Memorial. It was a last minute decision and the wonderful Alstroms invited us and some other couples up to their cabin. Now they are wondering why they invited us up to their peacful cabin...LOL. We had a fun weekend. Katie had a hard time at 1st because of the ants in the cabin. I really thought i was going to pack her and I up and leave. She would not let me put her down at all. And outside she had a hard time with the masquitos. But after a little bit she relaxed some so I could enjoy myself. We got up their Friday night and started out with a Bonfire.

Saturday Morning they were haveing a yard sale in Their cabin neigborhood. Look what Josh found. The Alstroms don't have their well dug yet so they don't have runnugn water yet. We were so stinky after a few day. So Josh found these at the sale so we bought them for them as a cabin warmign Grift(hehe).Also we have a good laugh about the toilet situation. They have a toilet but you had to poor water in the back to flush it. it was an experiece we will not forget!!!

Cute pic of Krissy and Katie. She kept calling her Melissa

Had lots of yummy food!

Fun at the lake!

My hadicap Husband!

We all tried the tube so much fun!

That's me on the tube.

Hangin at the campfire.

We had a soccer team started.

Yes, we are rolling Ben in a tube!

That's timmy inside the tube....good free fun!

We brought our tent but too many Maquitos to camp outside so we set it up inside. The kids watched a movie and went to bed...well kind of. We had many late night up! Playing games and chatting. We went for hikes nad found baby foxes so cute! What a great weekend!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


So Josh surpised me for my 30th B-day and took me skydiving. I had no idea! He told me we were going for a hike with the kids in Star. So We were in the middle of nowhere so I really did assume that we were going for a hike Then we pull into the Skydive place and he told me I was going right now.....HOLY CRAP. I had no time to dwell on this at all. It was so cool and I was not as scared as I thought I would be. So here I am signing my life away. I think I intial like 50 times that if I die I won't sue them. And they made me watch some 60's movie with a guy with a beard down to his toes.

The plane is a little sketchy....It makes you want to leap out of it haha.

So most of my stuff is on video and I want to get pics from it eventually. It's funny to watch the video of my face. We jumped about 10,000 ft. Goes by quick and i got to control the shoot. ANd little did I know that Josh had a surprise party waiting for me at Olive Garden. We were 1 1/2 hrs late. I felt so bad because they kept delaying my flight. But all in all a great way to spend turing 30!!!!!