Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney Land/ Sea World part 2.

Here we are going on space mountain! It was broken down like many of the cool rides we got fast passes too and then we would have to wait and come back later.

Katie and her princess's!!
The only thing that Ben wanted to do was go to Jedi Training, It was actually pretty cool. He was in his Darth Vador costume and it was sooo hot i thought he was going to pass out and then they put a cloth on top of his outfit. They pick 15 kids out of the audience and he got picked twice that day....he was sooooo HAPPY!

We got to see alot of 3D movies. They were really fun, But alot of them scared the kids and have kept them up many nights even now that we are home. They even squirt water and air at you.

Sea World was so fun the kids loved Shamou...they still sing the phrase and do the hand moves they taught them. The second show we saw Jamie, Diana and I sat in the splash zone, we got really wet but it felt great in the heat. Their was so much to do I wish we had more time there.

We went to Coronodos beach the night we got into San Diego. We only spent about hour at the beach but the kids were in heaven and I am sad to say that we were so busy we did not get a chance to get back to the beach.

When we were visiting our friends in Sacramento they took us to the Jelly Belly factory. the lines were so crazy we just walked around and sampled the Jelly beans. We had lunch there so I took a picture of our really expensive lunch that was not very good. But I had to take a picture of my jelly bean hambuger!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 7th Anniversary to me! Surprise!

The Kids did great on our vacation we should go more often! Here is a pic of Josh and I at California Adventure.

Kids wanted a picture with Lighting for their friend Timmy.

Katie scared under the table at Rain Forest Cafe. She was really freaked out by this place, She is not crying in this one. The animal and thunder did her in. When the thunder started she darted under the table so fast and started crying so loud "I want to go". Ben was dancing around the table tweeking on sugar since it was 10:30 at night and little sleep. I looked at Josh and busted out laughing. I told him we have to laugh at the situation

Her looking at the ceiling with all the tree's and bugs hanging from the ceiling!

Ben was in Lego Heaven.....

Yes i was tall in toon town,

Our friends that were their the same time as us.

We only waited 90 min to meet these princess's.....but Katie was so happy to meet them.

So I am a few weeks late on posting but Josh and I celebrated out 7th Anniversary on July 27th. I have been bumming for a while because Josh has been working really hard to get school and make a impression on his Air guard job that he has had to work alot of extra hrs and has had to take alot of time off from his normal job to accomidate this. So he informed me that we could not take our vacation to CA this summer. So I was sulking all summer. If you rememer Josh was gone for 5 months last summer so I had been looking forward this summer for a fun family vacation! Anyways to make a long story short. I was at work a few weeks ago. And Josh stoped by with the kids. I was kinda annoyed because he stoped by while I was in the middle of a patient procedure. I was thinking to myself "What a dumb time to stop by he knows that I am busy. He should have waited until lunch". I even made a coment to the intern that he could wait it not important.(And I had been complaining that very morning to her because she was going to the Oregon Coast and I told her that I did'nt want to hear about it since I was not going anywhere this year, LOL). So anyways I get a break for a few minutes and run up front. Josh is up there with the kids and he hands me a letter. I say " What is this" He tells me to read it. So I proceed to open the letter and I can not even concentrate. Their is a waiting room of people and my kids are running around. But at the top was a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So at this point I look at him and ask " What is this? What is going on? I pretend to skim the letter and it start's out saying how much we have gone through our marriage and how patient I have been with him being gone all the time. And how I deserve to go to Disney Land!. I looked at him and said "WHAT are you serious?" I repeated this like 4 times. And then I say when? And he says thursday and it was tues. And I say" But I have to work next week". He tells me that he called my boss already and has set this whole trip planned with him and got the time off for me!!!! What a great guy two great surprises this year. Skydiving and Disney Land.
Here are a few pics of our trip. Josh has most of them still onhis lap top. We also got to go to Sea World.
Part 2 coming soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Time

It's been a while since I have posted. So I just thought I would put a few picture's up of our family outing's We took the kids to Camel's Back Park a few weeks ago to check out the bike trails. We are slowly getting everyone a bike so that we will be able to go riding together. All we need is for Katie to pick up the speed...LOL. It was too hot for Katie and I so we waited for the boys to check the trails while we waited in the shade! Then we headed over to Ann Morrison to feed the duck's. And let teh kids get wet in the fountain after we were all done.

We took the kids bowling. We gave them two option's swimming or bowling and they chose to bowl. We had alot of fun. It just takes five years to finish one game. Poor Katie her ball barley moves and takes about 5 minutes to get the the pins!